Sacramento Kings

What a difference five weeks may create.
Had these rankings run in October, the Sacramento Kings definitely would have held one of the spots. They had been a mess last season, and nobody had even hinted at breakout potential. Zach Randolph, who hasn’t logged a second this year and has been traded afterward waived in February, paced that team with 14.5 points per match.
But the Kings are currently making a case for the NBA to create a Most Improved Team award.
Both Buddy Hield and De’Aaron Fox found methods to fast-forward their own development. The prior is suddenly a scorer and top-five three-point shooter. The latter is among just 10 players averaging 17 points and seven assists. Marvin Bagley III and Harry Giles’ frontcourt combo is loaded with promise. Bogdan Bogdanovic’s game acts like connective tissue. Harrison Barnes is the jumbo needed.
The Kings have the wiggle room to buy although they’ll need to wait and see if this roster that is rapidly improving is what draws on free agents. They do get dinged for not owning their pick, but that frees the franchise.

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